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Why Choose Merchant Capital Source?

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As a direct funding source, we can offer unmatched flexibility, rates, speed and security. Unlike most of our competitors, we are not a broker. This means your personal information stays with us and your credit score will not be affected.
A small business loan or a merchant cash advance provides the capital that businesses need without the obstacles inherent with traditional lending. Working with banks and conventional lending institutions can mean lengthy waiting times, rigorous review of financial records, and the possibility of loan denial or a less than adequate credit line because of past credit indiscretions. But with a Small Business Loan or Merchant Cash Advance from MCS, businesses are free from the constraints of traditional lending processes. A Small Business Loan or Merchant Cash Advance from MCS does not need bank approval and puts cash in your business within 3 to 4 days so that you can respond to the many financial obligations faced by small businesses every day. Our commitment to our customers is to provide them with a fast and convenient alternative for finding the financing that they need; we give small businesses a leg up in meeting their financial obligations without the hassle; and without the limitations.
Why a financing solution from MCS?
Because MCS is a direct funding source. You won't be handed off to a third party that adds cost and time to the funding process.
  • Because MCS funds your business needs quickly with minimal paperwork.
  • Because MCS provides same day approval
  • Because MCS say "yes" when banks say "no".
  • Because a prior history of bad credit business loans is not a problem for MCS.
When you need cash you need it fast. MCS is the leader in the market for alternative finance solutions. We also understand that entrepreneurs frequently have credit challenges that banks just can't overcome. Don't worry if you've had a history of poor credit.

When you submit an application to us, you will receive a preliminary approval of your cash needs within the same day that you submit. The application process takes about 15 minutes of your time, and the supporting information that we will request in reaching a final approval generally consists of a recent bank statement and a copy of your business license. We fund your cash needs within 3 to 4 days after you submit the information compared to 60 days (or more) with bank financing. If you have a history of poor credit, it could take you months, if ever, to receive financing from a bank.

Receiving a Small Business Loan or Merchant Cash Advance from MCS is cash flow friendly. We simply collect a percentage of future credit card sales volume, or a modest fixed daily payment. With a cash advance, if your business has a strong month, we benefit by collecting a little more, if your business has a weak month, we collect less. In other words, we ride out the good and bad times with you.

You can also choose the path of a small business loan that enables you to know precisely your future daily payments and the exact term of your loan. This provides you all of the information you need to forecast your daily business operations. Whatever structure you choose, MCS has the experience you need to do it correctly, and help your business grow to the next level.
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Small Business Loans.
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